Saturday, March 4, 2017

1970s Royce Union Single speed conversion

We had that old Royce Union 12 speed bike in the corner of the Fab Lab at school:

It was really dirty, and everything had to be taken apart, cleaned and lubricated:

I de-rusted and shined the chromes:

I remounted the original rim on a cool high flange alloy hub with a quick release lever, changed the 6 cogs freewheel for a single speed 20 t. bmx freewheel, re-centered the hub with custom parts, and added a recycled chrome chain guard from another bike, just for looks:

And rebuilt the wheel:

I cut off the small chain wheel and filed it smooth to make it into a single speed crank. It's a 52 t., hence the large freewheel on the back...

And the expanded chain:

Remounted the brakes:

Put some old school levers.

Later, I painted this one yellow in honor of the Syracuse made Yellow fellow:

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