Monday, October 10, 2016

From Trash to Chic - Royce Union Supreme Reboot: Phase 2

Royce Union Supreme single speed conversion with all recycled parts, except for new chain.

I made this bike for my neighbor Isaia whose own bicycle was stolen from his backyard two weeks ago.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Royce Union Supreme Reboot: Phase 1

The first step is to take everything apart to a bare frame, and since we're going to rebuild the wheels, that means taking apart the wheels as well.

Repair the bent frame:

Recondition a Shimano B-Type Coaster - clean and lube it:

Rebuild the back wheel with the new coaster and the de-rusted original spokes and rim:

Make sure it fits - the coaster hub will need to be adapted to the width of the frame:

With a variety of recycled nuts and washers, I matched the width of the hub with that of the frame, making sure the hub remained centered. I also had to slightly bend the arm of the coaster hub so that it would reach the chainstay.

One of the pedal arms' thread was busted, so I changed the whole crankset with a recycled 1980s Sakae crankset, from which I removed the small chain ring.

 I trued both wheels and installed them to make sure they were perfectly centered:

Friday, September 23, 2016

Royce Union Supreme Salvage

I found this Royce Union Supreme 12 speed in my neighbor's trash pile. She said I could have it. I'm going to try to resurrect it. It's a heavy bike, but has nice lugs and the classic geometry that I'm looking for in a bike.