Monday, October 10, 2016

From Trash to Chic - Royce Union Supreme Reboot: Phase 2

Royce Union Supreme single speed conversion with all recycled parts, except for new chain.

I made this bike for my neighbor Isaia whose own bicycle was stolen from his backyard two weeks ago.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Royce Union Supreme Reboot: Phase 1

The first step is to take everything apart to a bare frame, and since we're going to rebuild the wheels, that means taking apart the wheels as well.

Repair the bent frame:

Recondition a Shimano B-Type Coaster - clean and lube it:

Rebuild the back wheel with the new coaster and the de-rusted original spokes and rim:

Make sure it fits - the coaster hub will need to be adapted to the width of the frame:

With a variety of recycled nuts and washers, I matched the width of the hub with that of the frame, making sure the hub remained centered. I also had to slightly bend the arm of the coaster hub so that it would reach the chainstay.

One of the pedal arms' thread was busted, so I changed the whole crankset with a recycled 1980s Sakae crankset, from which I removed the small chain ring.

 I trued both wheels and installed them to make sure they were perfectly centered:

Friday, September 23, 2016

Royce Union Supreme Salvage

I found this Royce Union Supreme 12 speed in my neighbor's trash pile. She said I could have it. I'm going to try to resurrect it. It's a heavy bike, but has nice lugs and the classic geometry that I'm looking for in a bike.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bike Syracuse

Bike Syracuse is an association that "provides a sense of belonging while working with the whole child building physical fitness, academic achievement, and self-discipline while having fun. Our program includes tutoring, excursions to parks, museums and races, participation in community and cultural events and breakfast and lunch on Saturdays. The bicycle is a tool that we use to encourage children to race after all kinds of dreams. It draws out the children's strength and courage, and challenges their fear". 

You can contact Bike Syracuse there: Contact

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meanwhile in France...

Let's see what my brother St├ęphane is doing across the Atlantic:

Oh! Snap! He's got his own thing going! He's good!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zebrakenko Upgrade

Got that old Japanese Zebrakenko lightweight 10 speeds classic road bike. Tires are busted, there's some rust, some dirt, handlebar tape is worn and faded:

First I removed all the derailleurs, brakes, cables, as well as the small chainwheel. Then I rebuilt the back wheel, changing the classic five cogs hub for a 120mm Velosteel one speed coaster hub from the Czech Republic:

The new hub came with an 18t sprocket, which was too small for the big 52t front chainwheel. So I changed it for a 21t Surly sprocket.

The new sprocket has the right threading, but is a 1/16" too thick, so I filed it down with a belt sander until it was exactly 1/4".

New rim strip:

A good cleaning:

Then I flipped the handlebar and cut it into bulhorns. Put new tubes and tires, wrapped the bulhorn in handlebar tape, changed the chain for a thicker one, tying everything in red color: