Monday, December 6, 2010


We live in a consumer society, which produces a lot of extra, unwanted, out of trend consumer goods. When you are in the business of making your own fortune bicyclewise, and follow only your own trends, it is easy to find the materials you need to build a bike for free.
Here is another English cruiser I picked up on the side of the road, and repaired with all 100% trashpicked materials:

I like the roadster effect with a fat cruiser wheel in the back. It was a front wheel actually, and I just replaced the hub with a back hub with a coaster brake. The handlebars are wrapped with leather tapes made from an old leather jacket, and an old wine cork.

Where to find free or cheap bikes to fix up:
- Trash night
- Dumpster behind bicycle shops (better to ask the owner)
- Flee market (near the Carousel Mall: map) nice bikes for $15/$20
- Garage sales
- Bikes giveaways (December 18th, 10:00 am, Fowler High School)

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