Sunday, March 29, 2015

Zebrakenko Upgrade

Got that old Japanese Zebrakenko lightweight 10 speeds classic road bike. Tires are busted, there's some rust, some dirt, handlebar tape is worn and faded:

First I removed all the derailleurs, brakes, cables, as well as the small chainwheel. Then I rebuilt the back wheel, changing the classic five cogs hub for a 120mm Velosteel one speed coaster hub from the Czech Republic:

The new hub came with an 18t sprocket, which was too small for the big 52t front chainwheel. So I changed it for a 21t Surly sprocket.

The new sprocket has the right threading, but is a 1/16" too thick, so I filed it down with a belt sander until it was exactly 1/4".

New rim strip:

A good cleaning:

Then I flipped the handlebar and cut it into bulhorns. Put new tubes and tires, wrapped the bulhorn in handlebar tape, changed the chain for a thicker one, tying everything in red color: 

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