Monday, January 9, 2012

Columbia Tourist V

Check out that classic 5 speed tank generously donated by Hans and Madeleine for someone who needs a bike, after an article about the bike club was published in the Post Standard. It's from the 1960s, and there isn't a scratch or a rust spot on it. I gave it to Elijah from Namibia, because he's a poet. When he first rode it, he immediately had a big smile on his face, as if he had on the spot recovered some long lost childhood innocence and happiness. That's what bicycling in style does to you.

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  1. Wow!My dad bought me that same bike (aqua color) from the basement of a hardware store around 1971. I put 1000's of miles on it, washed it and waxed it as if it were an expensive automobile. Now I work for a bike company. Great way to start.