Sunday, October 24, 2010

Onondaga Park is a velodrome

I've often thought that it would be cool to have a velodrome in Syracuse: a place where we could race with friends, and organize events, a place where bicycling would be celebrated every day.

Yet bicycling must remain a democratic activity, and stay within the reach of all. It can't be contained in one exclusive space. It belongs on the street.

So I realized I had been bicycling on a velodrome all along: Onondaga Park.

The upper part, around Hiawatha lake is always beautiful. You can go up on the little circle, above the basketball courts, and have the best view of the city. There is a nice uphill near the fire station that will get your heart pumping. You can go on the foot path toward the gazebo and kick some dirt. The long stretch along Roberts Avenue is ideal for sprints.
If you need more space, you can easily expand your route toward the lower part of the park, which is pretty cool too, or go through the south side, along 9 mile creek, and snake around all the way to downtown or the university.

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