Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dumpster Diving

This was a trashed 12 speed Mossberg that my friend Matt found in a dumpster behind a local bicycle shop and dared me to repair. The thing really looked like crap, beside I suspect it wasn't much of a bicycle to start with. I had to remove every single moving part on it, because it was not only rusty, but also of poor quality. I chucked the wires, the derailleurs, and the brakes. I replaced the ball bearings, the bearing cups and the chain wheel with Schwinn parts and others to convert it to a single speed. The original wheels were 27", but they were too far gone to do anything with, so I replaced them by 26" wheels I had, with a coaster brake in the back. I removed the ugly decals, and cleaned up the frame. Now it's cool, simple and low maintenance.

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